Come Home to Homefront

By Sara Pratt

I'm like most of you, I guess. I like a whole variety of music. I like it to be light on the electronics and heavy on the real sound. I don't care so much if it's politically correct, but I want it to make me tap my feet.

I've gotten tired of the same old top-40 sounds, and even a lot of the oldies but goodies. I want music that talks to me and makes me want to talk back, sing back, dance back -- music that I can hear without shushing everyone around me, music in which I can see the performer and feel like the performer can see me, music that's as varied as the selections in my favorite music store, the kind of music I like to listen to at home but in a larger setting, out with my friends.

That's why I started coming to Homefront concerts four years ago. That's what I found.

Homefront has managed to hang onto a variety of music, high-quality sound technology (thanks to Jack Twombly and crew), and talent (thanks to Dallas Embry and the program committee), a friendly, loose audience with a few kids running around, and a comfortable setting. At the same time, there's a tightly-organized schedule for the show, a lot of hard work done before and after the show and complex operations performed by talented volunteers that enable you to hear the show that you do.

But when all's said and done, for the Homefront volunteers and, we hope, for you, coming to Homefront is like coming home to a place we want to be, to music we want to hear, to a crowd we want to be with.

If you haven't been to a show recently, we've missed you.

If you have come to a show a little late, you may have noticed that the better seats are getting filled earlier and earlier. We're pleased and proud about the crowds we've been drawing, but don't forget to arrive a little earlier to get the best seat.

If you haven't renewed your membership recently, or worse, if you haven't joined us yet, you'll be hearing from us soon. We need your financial support right now to help us finish the season in good shape and make big plans for the fall.

As Homefront's new chairperson, I'd like to make you welcome. Look me up at the next show.