By Diana Black

Membership Chairperson

Joining our Co-op since our March edition are Jeffry Burgess, Charles Singleton, Ronald Allgood, Steven May, William Gee and Willie James. They are members numbers 232-237, respectively.

Jeffry Burgess performed with several local groups in the mid-sixties. He has also recorded his own album at his home. He plays several instruments which include guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. Jeff likes writing all styles of music. Currently an electrician (did I detect a pun there, Diana? -- Editor.) with an electronics background, he says he has a good ear for "noise."

Charles (Chuck) Singleton had a small band in 1972 in Meade County. He plays guitar and is currently writing country music and lyrics. He has expressed an interest in collaboration.

Ronald Allgood sang in a country band around Louisville for a couple of years. He plays guitar and is currently writing country songs. He also has expressed an interest in collaboration.

Steven May has performed on stage playing violin and mandolin within classical, bluegrass, jazz and folk styles. He is skilled as a sound technician and stage manager, and has expressed interest in production and performing.

William Gee has played both guitar and harmonica at The Rudyard, in addition to performing vocals. He was a member of a rock band in Atlanta, and is skilled in producing both audio and video aspects of recording. Bill is not currently writing, but is interested in collaborating with someone.

Willie James has done singles, duets, trios and bands. He plays guitar and sings, and has a band called Arizona. He writes several different kinds of songs, both music and lyrics, and says that "I've been making my living at music, and that's all I do for a living."