Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

Summertime is a slow season for musicians, as the lure of all those other recreational activities draws people outside, so it was necessary to dig a little deeper for newsy tidbits.

Quenton Sharpenstein called to say that his British-style Commonwealth Brass Band is together and doing concerts. At the moment, he has twenty-eight players and, given that the standard British horn band requires thirty-five, is still looking for more players. If you're a horn player interested in such a project, call me at 241-1645 and I'll pass along the word.

Debra Tuggle is busy pushing her mountain project along, after returning from the Great Snowy North. Ask her what the three horses were doing in the bar at three a.m. in Ninilchik, Alaska...Tuggle is also getting some airplay on her various songs, sometimes in curious ways. "Follow The Light" is the theme for a show on "The Protestant Hour," broadcast on WAVG and WFPL recently rebroadcast the Homefront show with her and Bell and Shore.

Speaking of Homefront, the all-day Woodstock Revisited event reminded us all that twenty years cools down the desire to hang out in the sun all day and listen to music...besides, nobody would volunteer to reenact the scene with the couple in the field...reports also had it that certain of the crucial consumable elements of the original event were notably absent...

Rappers Damon Long and Garland Thomas, aka the Lyrical Lords, picked up the $150 first prize at a fashion and talent show staged at Spaulding Auditorium on Saturday, July 15. The show, produced by E. S. D. Productions, featured a veritable parade of models and performers across the stage. Quantity did not make up for the serious glitches in the production, however, as the main curtain got a real workout, opening and closing between each of the fourteen or so acts. The performers did their best, however, and the audience seemed to enjoy the show whenever they stopped visiting among themselves.

An item I've been meaning to run for about three months - Ralph Grove of Clarksville asked me to mention that he is interested in getting together with anyone who plays honky-tonk, ragtime piano. Call him at 283-8313 if you are interested. Sorry I took so long, Ralph.

For all those stalwarts from the days of the Post-Nuclear Spanish Opera, news of the recent death of Tim Mauck comes as a shock. Mauck, 31, was found dead in his garage on Friday, July 21. He had recently been through a divorce and members of his family say he had been depressed. Mauck was a mandolin player who successfully overcame the damage to his fingers suffered in a motorcycle accident some years ago, but hadn't been playing recently.