L.A.S.C. Song Critique Guidelines

The Membership Committee has devised the following guidelines for critique sessions:

a. Only L.A.S.C. members in good standing may have a song critiqued.

b. There will be a time limit of eight (8) minutes per song. This includes both the playing of the tape and the critique.

c. You must have ten (10) lyric sheets. If you do not have ten sets of lyrics, your song will be critiqued last, and only if time permits.

d. There will be a sign-up sheet, and only the first ten members signing up will be guaranteed a critique. All other critiques will be as time allows.

e. We encourage the writing of comments on the lyric sheets, which will be returned to the writer. This will speed up the process and is also a great way to tell the writer how much you liked the song.

f. On the sign-up sheet, there is a column headed "Type Of Demo." You should indicate whether the demo is a "work" tape, a "personal" tape, or a "publisher ready" tape. This will reduce the number of inappropriate comments about demo quality.