Takin' Care Of Business

By Rocky Adcock, Business Manager

Amer. Fed. of Musicians, Local 11-637

I spent a day at the 88th Convention of the American Federation of Musicians this year, held in Nashville, Tennessee, June 26 through June 29. I was impressed by the spirit of progressivism there, and the whole assembly voiced some concern for the current "state" of the business of music and the present problems facing the professional musician. I hold much confidence now that the Federation will strive forward in a renewed effort to address the expressed needs of all members, at all levels.

I was particularly impressed by the NEW DEAL Committee. Comprised largely of performing artists who spend a significant amount of time on the road, either in groups, or solo, this collective body seeks to organize and operate within the AF of M. Indeed, they have begun already. The purpose of the NEW DEAL Committee is to enhance their professional niche in the industry, to advocate and push for fair working conditions and compensation, and to strive for better benefits and security within this profession. I look forward to some very positive results from that committee.