Bits & Pieces

A couple of interesting items from Sound Choice Magazine:

Redwood Records Becomes 'Non-Profit'

The folk and feminist record label Redwood Records has been merged with the company's non-profit arm, Redwood Records Cultural and Educational Fund. The Fund, established in 1983 by Holly Near, Joanie Shoemaker and Jo-Lynne Worley, offers "technical assistance and consulting in the fields of culture and education."

The new organization is called Redwood Cultural Work.

The organization is planning to book a tour of international musicians, "bringing an original blend of ideas and sounds--music that rocks the boat."

Contact Redwood Cultural Work, 600 Grand Ave. Ste. 309, Oakland CA 94610; ph 415-428-9191.

Rounder Records Set To License, Distribute Folkways

Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Rounder Records has reached an agreement with the Smithsonian Institute to handle the national distribution and licensing of Folkway Records.

The Smithsonian acquired Folkway Records in April of 1987 with the aid of royalties donated from a Grammy-award-winning benefit album Folkways: A Vision Shared. Folkways Records was founded in 1947 by Moses Asch, who died in 1986. The company issued more than 2,000 albums, ranging from folk music, to children's songs, spoken word, instructional and documentary recordings.

Rounder will be marketing "several hundred of the faster-selling titles as well as new Smithsonian Folkways releases as they become available."

For more information, write to: Rounder Records, One Camp St., Cambridge, MA 02140. Phone: 617-354-0700.