Earl's Pearls
By Earl Meyers

The songwriting profession is a little bit like a love affair. When a beginning songwriter decides to get his or her songs out of the closet, and allows another person whom he/she trusts to cradle this child -- this extension of themselves they hold dear to their heart -- and asks big big question "What do you think?" then at that moment a songwriter subjects himself/herself to an affair that has more ups and downs than any roller coaster ever imagined.

Like a love affair, it is a beautiful experience to hear comments like, "Great song!" or "I love your song!" or "Can I record your song?" and then to be able to adapt and bounce back from those less rewarding, crushing words like "Not bad" or "Do you have anything else?" or "This is not what we're looking for." Even the crushing words are good for a songwriter to hear as they usually inspire one to dig deeper and make one stronger and more determined to become a better writer.

Nurturing and hard work, like a love affair, brings about those uplifting moments. They more than compensate for the low times. But isn't it ironic that we sometimes need that "You can do better" type of comment to bring out the best in us and then be awarded a comment such as "Well done!"

EXTRA: Congratulations to Maggie Cavender on receiving the honor of being inducted into the NSAI Hall of Fame this year. Maggie, it is an honor to know you and to be a part of NSAI. You're a special kind of person and songwriters look up to you.