By Diana Black

L.A.S.C. welcomes EIGHT new members to the organization!

These new members are: Ted Holcomb, Willie E. Little Hr., Anna L. Meade, Oyo Habibullah, Rick Loveall, Nelida Forrest, Wally Stewart and Damon Long.

Ted Holcomb, our 273rd member, has been playing guitar and writing songs for almost ten years. Ted is self-taught on guitar and primarily plays for family and friends. He is currently writing country ballads and is hoping to receive some constructive advice at our critique sessions. Ted is considering giving collaboration a try sometime in the future. Look forward to meeting you soon, Ted.

Willie E. Little, Jr. is L.A.S.C.'s 274th member. Willie has played with the Axis Jazz Band and in studio sessions in the Louisville area. He has acquired quite a list of instrumental skills that include piano, tenor and alto sax and flute. Willie writes all kinds of music and would be very interested in collaboration. Good to have you aboard, Willie. He also produced "Some Loves," a winning tune in the MOR category in our recent contest.

Anna Meade has been given member number 275. Anna plays guitar and a little piano which aids her in writing those country and cross-over tunes. She would like to find a collaborator within the organization. Anna would like to help the co-op with advertising, clerical, fund raising or distribution. Thanks for your offer, Anita. We are always looking for good people to help us out.

Oyo Habibullah, member number 276, has performed on stage as a character actress. She is not currently writing but would like to find a collaborator and give it a try. Oyo is very interested in helping with performances. We look forward to getting to know you, Oyo.

Rick Loveall is our 277th member. Rick would also like to perform at one of our showcases as he has had stage experience playing guitar and singing. He is currently writing what he calls 'intellectual' songs and would be interested in finding a collaborator. Hope to meet you at at membership meeting, Rick.

Nelida Forrest, our 278th member, writes melodies and lyrics for country and gospel tunes. Nelida does not currently play an instrument; she conveys the melodies by voice. I believe Nelida attended our seminar. Please join us some Monday night also, Nelida.

Wally Stewart, member number 279, has been writing for about 10 years. (I remember Wally from old NSAI days!) Wally says his writing strengths seem to be the lyrics and ideas for the Christian tunes he composes. He plays piano and has attended several music seminars and schools. Russ Hollingsworth, a recording artist in Nashville, has collaborated with Wally on several songs. Wally is interested in collaborating on Christian tunes in almost any style of music: rock, pop, soul, etc. Nice to have you with us, Wally.

Last, but not least, Damon Long comes in at number 280 on our member list. Damon co-wrote the number one song in the Rap category of our songwriting contest this year! His song is titled "Social Conscience." Damon plays French horn and has played with the Youth Performing Arts band and orchestra at the Kentucky Center for the Arts among other places. He is currently writing Rap tunes and would like to find a collaborator. Damon also indicates he would like to help the co-op with advertising, fund raising and performing. Good work. Damon and welcome aboard.

If you have been trying to find out who Rusty Lee is and have not been too successful, it could very well be because I misprinted his name in the October L.A.S.C. Letter

Rusty's name is Russell "Rusty" Lee Bladen. I would again like to thank Rusty for being so understanding about the mistake. (By the way, check the Louisville Music News Calendar for dates Rusty will be playing in the Louisville area both acoustically and with his band, Roadwork.)

On behalf of L.A.S.C., I would like to say how important we feel each member is to the co-op and again welcome all our new members! If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (502) 893-069? and I will be happy to help in any way I can. Also, I would like to mention that anyone interested in joining L.A.S.C. or wanting more information about the organization is welcome to call me at the above number and I will be glad to answer questions and/or forward a membership application.

Please Note: all would like to encourage all new members to include with their completed application form a separate page with information about themselves that goes beyond the questions asked on the application itself. Our welcome column is a perfect place to "let yourself be known."