The Reel News

(For this issue, The Reel News has been assembled rather quickly; there will be more complete information in the January Issue. -- Editor.)

Martin Productions - Prince Phillip Mitchell was in to cut an L.A.S.C. tune; Mitchell picked up the "Best Vocal" award for the song "Once Love Goes, It's Time To End." Turley Richards has been in working on an extended album project.

Alpha Recording, Inc. -- Alpha hosted producer Charlie Walls, who cut the tracks and vocals for the two Gospel / Contemporary Christian winners in the L.A.S.C. contest. Vocalists were David Pitt and Amy Lewis.

Artec Studio, Salem, Ind. -- Mike Stites called to report that Venger is still working on an album project; Scratch has done the mixdown on their album and begun another one; Steve Kennedy is in doing some publisher demos; John Ross has been laying down tracks for the C. E. Copeland Band; finally, New Horizon cut two of the winners in the L.A.S.C. contest, including the Grand Prize Winner, "The Limestone Church," written by A. J. Roberts. Susan Tomes did the vocals on the other tune, "Between the Lines," written by Donna Beck Michael.

Audio To Go -- Joe Shaw discloses that he has moved; a new address will be forthcoming.

Falk Recording -- Tight Squeeze has finished their first album of Celtic and traditional tunes.

Louisville Recording Projects -- Engineer Tom Scoggins spent a long time on one of the L.A.S.C. winners; Willie Little produced, C. Lynn Riffle handled the vocals.

Music Man -- Charlie Walls says he's been so busy working on the L.A.S.C. seminar that he has hardly had time to do any work for money. Nevertheless, he did cut two demos for Louisville Music Works "Upright Lady" and "Steal This Heart." Andy Broughton cut two tunes, and Ken Perkins, Kenny Young, and Gardner Barger have been in making demos. Walls also did the sequencing and production for three of the L.A.S.C. contest winners.

Real To Reel -- Jeff Carpenter reports that Ten Foot Pole and The Reasons Why are continuing with their projects; Bryan Hurst is working on a Jefferson Hospital jingle; Something Big is scheduled in

after the Spouse Abuse Benefit at Uncle P's.

Studio 2002 -- Owner/engineer Rob Magallon is pleased with his recent win for "Best Recording" in the L.A.S.C. Songwriting Competition '89 contest. He took home the plaque for "Cocky Feet," a tune written by Lee Cable, sung by Robbie Bartlett and produced by Terry Hennessey and Joe Bergman. He also did the sessions for the two Rap category winners, "Social Conscience," by the Lyrical Lords, and "Spring Me," written by Earl Meyers, produced by Rob Pickett of the Mudcats and sung by Carlos Merriwether. Ruperto T. continues his solo sax album, which will feature a Magallon tune played on the new Ensoniq EPS-M; Stuart May did some vocal overdubs on some pre-recorded band tracks; Bob Trinkle did a little voice-over work; Hugh Bir, Jr. recorded six-plus original and covers; Stewart Snyder recorded two whistling tunes, over band tracks.

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