Anubian Sunrise With Axis at the Macauley Theater

Never before in the Macauley Theatre had I felt the vibrant energy generated there on June 17 by Anubian Sunrise with Axis . The powerful social poetry of Umar Williams was made even more so by this talented ensemble of dancers, musicians and actors.

Robyn Perkins choreographed and danced enchantingly. Willie Little's fine musical score and superb sax was tailor-made for this special presentation of music, dancers, poetry and the drama of it all. Yetunde Adeyinke, an actress from Washington, D.C., both beautiful and talented, is a presence whose heartfelt projection must be experienced. She is as fiery at times as Umar himself, and at other times sophisticated as a queen or tender as a mother's love.

The production was smooth, although not without a few sound glitches. The lighting was subdued and effective in setting the mood.

In the lobby there was an art exhibit by well-known Louisville artist Eugene Thomas, who also did the beautiful program cover.

I was glad I was there.

... Docrates