Corrections & Clarifications

We apologize to Lynne Manning Walker for inadvertently omitting her real estate listing in our June Trade Directory. Lynne 's office address is Joe Guy Hagan Realtors, 119 Hurstbourne Lane, Suite 201, Louisville, Ky. 40222; Phone 502-426-3600. ( We hope all our readers saw your ad in our paper, Lynne, and that several of them will call and let you sell them a house.)

About that picture we ran of WAMZ Radio's Program Director and award-winning deejay: Sorry, Coyote Calhoun, for making you look bad. Lest our readers think you stayed out in the sun too long at the May 21 Concert in the Park at Louisville Motor Speedway, we hasten to explain that apparently something happened between our delivery of the nice Sandy Daugherty print and the return to us of the June edition. Sorry, Coyote and Sandy.

In our never-ending quest to spell all those wild and crazy band and group names correctly, we were dismayed that we inadvertently misspelled Serpent Wisdom vocalist Jerry Renfro's new name. It's "Jak Son Renfro," not Jackson Renfro. We understand that Serpent Wisdom is currently on tour in Europe, so maybe he'll have a new name when he gets back anyway.

In our June story about The Willis Music Co. we incorrectly identified salesman Jason Rosenbaum. We are sorry for the error, Jason. But as your boss, Bob Totten, told us, the girls know who you are and that's all that matters.

We've heard it said that if life hands you a lemon you should make lemonade from it. In our June issue we inadvertently turned the group Lemonade Hayride's name into Lemon Hayride. We apologize for that sour note.