Takin' Care Of Business

By Rocky Adcock-Amaretto

Business Agent

I receive a lot of inquiries about agents and am asked why it is difficult to get an agent interested. After looking around and asking a few pertinent questions, I submit the following observations. Agents in metropolitan Louisville are generally reliable and work fairly hard for their groups. They are, after all, in the business of making money. If they have a good product, their job is made somewhat easier. What determines a good product? Marketability. Agents look for several characteristics in groups: reliability, style, sound, looks, show and audience response. The higher the degree of development in these areas, the more marketable the talent is likely to be. There is plenty of room for potential development among most all groups in metro Louisville that I have reviewed. So get to work!

Attracting interest from agents requires several moves on the part of the group promoter: 1. The initial approach with a suitable promo package. 2. Presentation of same in an appropriate business manner. 3. Follow-up calls and invitations for a site visit. 4. Persistence and perseverance. 5. Appropriate demeanor, always. Keeping all this in mind, make sure you have realistic expectations and assessments about your product.

I suggest that the first approach be made to the more visible and established agents. You know who they are; if you don't, find out! Watch out for new entries to the business who say they are "agents." These are usually independents, which is fine, if they know what they're doing. They may have the best intentions and the greatest of ambitions, but they may not have the savvy to survive very long, or to conduct their business by accepted practices, legal, ethical and otherwise! They are typically "boot-strapping" (no initial, substantial capital investment) their operation. This appears to be the main reason that this business is relatively easy to "get into." Staying in is the challenge, however.

Remember this -- it's a very competitive world! Some may not like that; it can be intimidating to the timid and can induce some considerable amount of "stress." Lately, I have been advising some to consider "tapping" or developing their personal spiritual reserves, whatever they may be. This may help if executed in the appropriate manner.