The Reel News

Real - to - Reel -- Jeff Carpenter tells me that the Lexington band, Ten Foot Pole, continues work on their album; Larry Kennedy is working on a project with Dan Trisko of Velvet Elvis; Glen Fullmore of Lemon Hayride is in working on some demos; finally, the Mrs. Frazier album mentioned last month is nearly finished and scheduled for a July 1 release date on the Hit-A-Note label.

Allen-Martin Productions -- Audio studio engineer Nick Stevens passes along these tidbits: Doug Flynn, with the assistance of J.P. Pennington, came in to do the mix on a tune entitled "B.N.U.," to be the theme of Champions Against Drugs; Michael Jonathon did a tune called "The Mountain." Matched it with a video. Pat Phelps was in with the winners of the Decent Exposure contest on Double-Q. Tommy Cosden, a.k.a. Cosmo is working on an album, Wayne Young co-producing; Margaret Cloud continues work on her album of contemporary Christian material, with the assistance of J. D. Miller; spouse of AMP co-founder Hardy Martin, Wanda Martin cut an album with her brother and sister; Nick says that Larnelle was in recording a syndicated phone interview. Harris is promoting a brand-new album. Finally, the tune that was selected as the 'Alabama State Rock 'n' Roll Song' by WZZR-FM, "Alabama Rock 'n' Roll Is The Answer," written by Wayne Young, was cut at AMP by the Shufflin' Granddads.

Studio 2002 -- Owner/engineer Rob Magallon reports that the "best heavy metal" original material was put on a three-song demo by the band Cutthroat; Back Seat Driver was in doing a demo -- sort of seventies-ish blues; David Miller did some remix on some home-recorded eight-track material; from Frankfort, Bam Bam Club was in doing some cutting; finally David La Duke, perennial hard rocker and disciplined marketer has been taking up a lot of studio time.

Sound Wave Productions -- engineer Mike Ballard reports that Becky Bennett and Kelly Wilkinson have been doing a lot of recording, and songwriter Mike Zettler has been recording demos.

Falk's -- Tim Haertel reports on the following line-up for May: songwriters Kenny Putnam, John Pickett and Steve Sweazy were in cutting demos; Ed Henritz and sw Bradley Forbes worked on tracks for the WQMF Test Pressings show; Keith Garrett and Justice cut a four-tune sales demo; Bev Sumner from D.C. cut a tune for an anti-drug campaign in D.C., Greg Walker produced; on the gospel/contemporary Christian side, Simeon Amburgey cut the theme song for a weekly talk show to be aired on WBNA, Ch. 21; Quinn Chapel A.M.E. recorded a second album project on location, with mix at the studio; Larnelle did some vocal overdubs on some song demos. Cassette albums were done on-location for Eastern High, Ballard Band and the Ballard Orchestra; finally, Bonnie McCafferty recorded a piece of NPR's "Morning Edition."

Juniper Hill -- Eng. Todd Smith reports that Hopscotch Army is putting the finishing touches on an album, in a CD format, to be released on Slamdek; The Synthetics are also cutting an album; Roz Tate and David Pitt are continuing work mentioned last month; The Blue Apple Players have recorded their new musical, "The Country Mouse and The City Mouse;" in the demo department, the rock band Animation is working through a tune at a time; ditto Code Blue; White Ray, a Christian metal band is in; Nancy Smith and Gene Hedrick continue their projects.