Tuba Blues?

No! Tooba Blooze

By Dallas Embry

May 5th was an eclectic night at Uncle Pleasant's. In addition to Tiny Lights (see last month's LMN) and local rockers Core of Resistance, the stage was manned by four guys from Ohio who presented yet another alternative sound.

With Chris Morrison (drums), Denny Wilson (vocals and guitar), Karl Streuber (harmonica, bass and vocals) and Hal Taylor (tuba), these folks rock 'n' roll and even play a little blues.

Taylor's tuba is not your normal instrument for a rock band, but some of the amazing things he does with it proves that it has earned its place in this band.

With a microphone duct-taped inside the bell of his tuba, Taylor utilizes the amplification to produce some creative feedback reminiscent of the '60s, which is mesmerizing.

The rest of the band were no slouches either as they played a varied repertoire of mostly original songs such as "Seven Million Miles," "The Rainbow Song," "Life Is A Pickle When You Live In A Jar" (eight seconds long), "Steamy Steam" and "Stumble of the Fumble Bee" (a spoof of "Flight of the Bumble Bee") on which Taylor has a nice tuba solo, as well as Fats Waller's "Viper Drag."

I first heard about this band from Mick Montgomery at The Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, Ohio, and had been wanting to see them ever since. Now that I have, I will avail myself of the opportunity whenever I have the chance.