Welcome, New Members!

By Diana Black

Membership Chairperson

Joining our Co-op since our May edition are Byron Himmelheber, Edward Hager, Marian Maxwell, Lynn Riffle, Tim Haertel and James C. Edelen. They are member numbers 248-253, respectively.

Byron Himmelheber performed for five years as the lead singer for a rock band which played on the Belle in the 1960s. He has also performed folk songs in Bloomington, Ind. He is currently writing both music and lyrics in the style of folk, rock and pop. Byron has indicated an interest in performing within L.A.S.C.

Edward Hager is joining us from his home in West Virginia! He has spent twelve years actively employed in night clubs and various shows. He plays keyboard and is currently writing country music and lyrics. Edward is interested in collaboration and would like to help the organization with production and performance.

Marian Maxwell plays keyboard and performs for weddings and special functions. She was a piano major in college and has taught music education. Marian writes pop and a little country. She is interested in collaboration and has offered to help the organization.

Lynn Riffle has had her own band in the past and has acted in several plays and musicals. She plays keyboard and some guitar. Lynn writes both music and lyrics and prefers to write pop, rock and country. She is very interested in collaboration and helping with clerical duties within the organization.

Tim Haertel is a studio engineer with Falk Recording Services and spoke with us at the May 1 membership meeting. Tim plays guitar, bass and harp, and is currently writing blues, country and rock. He has expressed an interest in collaboration and would also like to help with production and advertising. He is interested in appearing on our open stage as well.

James C. Edelen is our newest member. He is a lyricist who prefers to write country ballads, and is interested in collaboration. He has indicated a willingness to help the Co-op in some way once he becomes better acquainted with the organization.

We failed to include in our last issue that Dwight Stickler is interested in collaboration. Sorry, Dwight.

Again, I want to welcome the new members! Also, I would like to mention that anyone interested in joining L.A.S.C. or wanting more information about the organization can call me at (502) 893-0693 and I will be happy to answer questions and/or forward a membership application.