Eyes and Ears On Music

By Dallas Embry (Who is a serious music addict.)

Sunday nights at midnight, WAVE-TV 3 has a program called Sunday Night. It is possibly the best music program that has ever been on television.

Hosted by David Sanborn and Jools Holland, this program features something for everyone, from jazz-poetry and a cappella jazz to gospel and Polish folk songs, as well as country, rock, blues, and music that defies description. The sound mix is incredible and they show old film clips of such people as Billie Holliday, Duke Ellington and other performers.

For real night owls who are dyed-in-the-wool country music fans, you can't beat "Country Music As It Used To Was" on WWL AM 870 (New Orleans) from midnight to six, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This trucker radio program features some of the most obscure country music you ever heard, as well as studio cuts and sessions of some now-famous artists, plus tapes of old radio programs and even truckers calling in to sing "Easter Parade."

So, if you are a music-o-phile like me, I highly recommend watching and listening to these two entertaining and unusual programs.