By Diana Black, Membership Chairperson

Please forgive us, Cheryl Keaton! Cheryl's name has not yet appeared as a new member. So before I list the more recent new members, let me introduce you to Cheryl, our 217th member.

Cheryl Keaton has performed in several variety shows on stage and shared her songs in various churches. She has been fortunate enough to have had one of her songs recorded by a contemporary Christian band -- LEGACY. She is currently writing moderate country lyrics and music and is interested in collaboration. Cheryl is from Lexington and would be willing to help the organization in that area. Again, sorry, Cheryl, and thank you for being so patient.

Joining our Co-op since our April edition are Shirley Payton, David King, Zola Lang, Joe Snyder, Edward Jackson, Wilma Stinnett, Christopher Rubino, Dwight Stickler, Skip Snider and Peggy Newton. They are member numbers 238-247, respectively.

Shirley Payton has directed and performed on stage as an actress in both community and semi-professional theatre. She is currently writing MOR, country, blues lyrics and beginning to write music. She is interested in collaboration. Shirley has indicated she would help others to polish staging, stage presence, and diction.

David King, a guitar player, singer and songwriter, plays regularly in clubs around the Louisville area. David joined up one Monday night at the L.A.S.C. Open Stage, and we haven't had an opportunity to find out more about his activities and interests.

Zola Lang was introduced to L.A.S.C. by member Mary Aho and her husband Glenn. We haven't had an opportunity to get to know Zola very well yet, but we plan to remedy that very soon. We do know that she has two children who are "into" music.

Joe Snyder performed in the mid-70s as part of a duo. From 1980 to l982 he was with a rock band. Joe plays guitar and has worked the sound board for various rock acts. He is currently writing both lyrics and music in the style of country-rock and folk-rock, and is interested in collaboration.

Edward Jackson played guitar and sang at various pubs in the Louisville area for several years. He plays both guitar and trombone. He has a degree in music from U of L. Although Edward is not writing at the present time, he has written acoustic soft rock in the past.

Wilma Stinnett is currently writing lyric and melody. She comes to us with "a lot" of office experience -- we'll be calling, Wilma! She has indicated an interest in helping the organization with her sales, training, and presentation experience. Wilma is being sponsored by First National Quill, a group of writers (not limited to songs) at First National Bank.

Dwight Stickler is a Monday-night Open Stage regular .

Christopher Rubino has been performing since he was 16, primarily in rock 'n' roll bands. Just this past year he has been performing as a solo act. He plays guitar and writes rock 'n' roll material.

Dwight Stickler has appeared on the L.A.S.C. Open Stage numerous times. A vocalist, he plays some piano and guitar, and has sound recording and reinforcement experience. He writes both music and lyrics, with a preference for rock and blues.

Skip Snider performed on stage as a musician and singer "many moons ago" in an amateur contest. He plays "flattop, one-finger piano, (and is) struggling to learn pedal steel." Skip occasionally writes songs, with a preference for country ballads and up-tempo country.

Peggy Newton's membership application reached us just as we were going to press. Peggy says that she is trying to write songs, "If my knowledge equaled my confidence I'd be writing hit songs today." Her sense of humor is apparent in her list of past experiences that she will draw upon to help her write country songs.

Again, I want to welcome the new members! Also, I would like to mention that anyone interested in joining L.A.S.C. or wanting more information about the organization can call me at (502) 893-0693 and I will be happy to answer questions and/or forward a membership application.