Studio Review

Alpha Recording Inc.

129 Howell Dr.

Elizabethtown, KY 42701

(502) 765-7899


First-class recording studios don't have to be located in big cities and Alpha Recording in E-town is a good example of that.

Located just off I-65 at the Highway 62 exit, the studio is operated by brothers Jim and Don Cottrell and provides a full-line of audio and video services, ranging from 24-track analog audio recording to real-time and high-speed cassette duplication to on-location recording and sound system consultation.

Company President Jim Cottrell has been involved in various of the music business for over twenty-five years. He started Alpha in 1980 and moved the company into, the current building in February of 1988, when the need to expand became obvious. The new building has sufficient room for expansion well into the future. Current plans call for adding another video control room, as the video market is continuing to grow.

Alpha has built a very solid business in the gospel and contemporary Christian market, although Sales Manager Don Cottrell emphasizes that all sorts of recording is done by the studio, particularly of country artists.

The company's tape duplication business; which is nationwide in scope, has been especially profitable. Cottrell notes that they can provide complete cassette service, from recording to duplication, either in real-time or high-speed, to packaging and mailing. A recently installed Kaba professional 4-track real time system, with .05 % wow and improved signal to noise ratio for greater headroom allows Alpha to sell high-quality copies at high-speed custom cassette prices. They also bulk-load and sell blank cassettes by mail.

The main audio studio and control room features a Trident 24x16x2 console, mixing down to an M-16 recorder. A full range of outboard equipment is available and syn to tape is also on hand, in both SMPTE and MIDI formats, for an additional seven virtual tracks. The studio has a Yamaha synthesizer and an AKAI S-700 sampler. Additional keyboards are available.

Engineers Keith Pacey, who was out sick on the day of my visit and Pat Tully have been in the business "longer than they care to admit," but retain the enthusiasm necessary to ensure a good session. The studio takes pains to make the environment comfortable and friendly, so that the recording artist can get the best possible recording.

Audio studio rates begin at $45 per hour, including engineer, plus $75 per hub for 1-inch 16 track tape. Pacey also is happy to discuss special packages and reduced project rates.

Main Mixing Board

Trident 24xl6x2

Multi-Channel Recorder

Tascam MS-16


Yamaha, QSC & Phase Linear power amps

Monitor Speakers

JBL 4430

Yamaha NS-10SM

Auratone 5c

Headphone Monitors

AKG 240M

Outboard Effects

Alesis Digital Reverb

Yamaha SPX-9011 Effects Processor

Valley Gatex Expanders - 8 channels

Valley Dynamic Sibilance Processor 2 Channels

Aphex Aural Exciter

dbx Compressors – 4

UREI Complimiters

UREI Graphic EQ

Tascam Graphic EQ

Compu-Effectron Digital Delay

Yamaha Analog Delay

AKG BX-10 Reverb


EV PL-20 (2)

N/D 408 (2)

AKG 4l4EB (2)

Beyer M-88 (S)

Ass'd PZMs, Shures Neumanns & Audio-Technicas


Steinway piano

Yamaha Synthesizer

Pearl 7-piece drum kit

AKAI S-700 Digital Sampler