Recording Review

I've Got The Blues For My Old Kentucky Home
The Buzzard Rock String Band
June Appal Records
Format: LP, cassette

By Berk Bryant

I listened to this one several different times to see if I got the same impression each time. I did. My first overall impression was the old-time flavor. It reminded me of what you would expect for dancing and entertainment in a club during the Twenties and Thirties, a sort of jazzy, swing-type rhythm. It also brings to mind a home gathering of anyone who wanted to join in a bit of entertainment.

If this group intended to provide a good recall of the old-time groups, they did it. "Hangmans Reel" is a good opening ear catcher. It pretty well sets the pace of the whole album. "Cake Walkin' Jake," a little Dixieland-flavored number, brings visions of a minstrel show. You can just see a high steppin' Jake really strutting his stuff.

The version of Uncle Dave Macon's "Go Long Mule" was acceptable, if not Uncle Dave. But then, it was not supposed to be. "Peach Pickin' Time in Georgia" and "In The Hills of Tennessee" both really showed the Jimmie Rodgers flavor. There were a couple of instrumentals that provided good dance tunes and again picked up the minstrel show beat.

My overall favorite, a foot patter/hand patter, is the last cut, "Waterbound/Stay All Night." A fine, rousing, old time goodun. In fact I played it recently on my Sunday Bluegrass program on WFPL - FM.

All in all, a good album if you want a fun, easy-to-listen-to album in the old-time, good-time, happy mood. I've enjoyed it several times now and will again.

Well, that's what I thought of this group and their new album; the rest is up to you.