The Reel News

Audio To Go energetic Joe Shaw reports that he hauled his equipment to the U of L North Recital Hall to record classical violinist / composer Gabbrielle Gray's Sonata For Lovers. He is also continuing with the Webster's Nightmare project. Mike McDowell, drummer with the Boyz, is assembling a promo package, and finally, Shaw did some taping for Mike McGrath.

Walls & Reid Charlie Walls called to report that he's so busy, he hardly has time to make any money, but he has done some demos for Diane Black and a couple with Andy Broughton, Amy Lewis and Stewart May. That, some political jingles and work for his own publishing has filled in his time.

Studio 2002 Rob Magallon relates that the heavy metal group Justin Sane came in and cut a three-tune demo; saxophonist Ruperto T. is about haIf done with a jazz / r&b / blues album; D. J. Razor did a tune with Kevin Jones, from Passion; Oasis cut a top-40 booking demo; Brian Curella Productions taped a radio I.D. Finally, Rob is adding synth to tape capability, resulting in the addition of eight virtual tracks, for a twenty-three track total. One of the sixteen tape tracks has to be dedicated for the sequencer, of course, so it's not available.

Real-To-Reel Jeff Carpenter reports that he just got back from a honeymoon in New England. Mary Ann Kennedy is the new bride. Aside from that, Jeff has been working with The Reasons Why, a pop combo, doing a 4-song demo; Ten Foot Pole is starting a new album project; Guerrilla Theater is doing a bit of work; Something Big is also working on more Comettes, which may turn into an album and/or cassette. Finally, The New Deal's Bryan Hurst laid down some music for a Jefferson Hospital tape.

Artec Mike Stites rings in with the news that he's been kinda busy what with getting married and going on a honeymoon in Puerto Villarta (must be something in the air) nevertheless, work still goes on: Rusty Bladen continues work on his album; Steven Kennedy cut some demos to pitch; Scratch is finishing the mixdown on their EP; Fahrenheit is still recording; and finally, Contemporary Christian artist Tim Jackson has been in making demos.

Mom"s Marvin Maxwell mentioned that the music for a West Coast Music Video called "The Platinum Rainbow" will be recorded at Mom's. Furthermore, the tunes will be by Spanky Lee and the Shufflin' Granddads.

Falk Recording Service engineer David Blythe tells me that Carolyn Flake and Genuine Lace finished their album of country tunes; the Huddlestons did a gospel album; Momma Ya did a bunch of children's music; Kenny Putman did three songwriter demos for publishers; Charlie Walls produced two tunes for Andy Broughton; Vikki True did a piece for the Portland Museum; Hedy Hilburn laid down two tunes to benefit the mineworkers; Karen Dean is doing a second album of children's music for Big O. Release is scheduled for the middle of next month. Paulette Logsdon has been working on a couple of tunes; Tom Offutt brought his new band Nightfall in for some session work; Eddie Abraham and Grand Slam cut a demo tape; fmally, Russ Gilbert and Dragon cut a pair of new tunes for demos.

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