The Musician's Guide to Home Recording
By Peter McIan and Larry Wickman

Reviewed by Larry H. Easton

Sometime back, while I was "reading" my latest issue of Playboy (would you believe my father-in-law gives me a gift subscription each Christmas?), I happened to notice a brief review of a new book for musicians interested or involved in home recording. The title of this new book is "The Musicians Guide to Home Recording." Playboy's critics gave it a strong recommendation.

Since I have a small studio (which isn't used enough) in my home, I'm always on the lookout for any info that might help me do a better job with the limited amount of equipment I have to work with. So, after reading the Playboy article, "I just had to have a copy of this new sensational book."

I ordered my hardback version through Walden Books at the Greentree Mall in Clarksville. (You know, it's tough to type this while Cougar's "Jack and Diane" is playing on the kitchen radio. Love it!) I'm sure any of the local bookstores in the area could order it for anyone interested.

The book is written by Peter McIan and Larry Wickman. The cost of the hardback version is $24.95 and is worth every penny. It's a large book that covers a great deal of home-recording territory. I might add that this is not a book of theory or technical jargon, but rather it is a book of practical application. This book is a must for those of us who aren't home-recording experts.

Just a few of the various subjects covered are: how to record vocals (including back-up vocals) and various types of instruments, how to use EQ to improve the separation of sounds within your recording, how to use compression, how to build a home studio, and how to buy new and used equipment.

The authors also have an instructional tape available (two tapes, 45 minutes each) that are to be used with the book so that you can get a "sound" explanation of the printed text. Audio Illustrations might be a better name for it.

The Musician's Guide to Home Recording is written in layman's terms and, in this writer's opinion, it should receive five stars.

(A Fireside Book -- published by Simon and Schuster Inc.)