Arlo Guthrie at the Macauley Theatre

By Mike Stites

Three cheers for the folks at Daydream Promotions. By placing a classic performer in such an intimate and acoustically magnificent setting as the Macauley Theatre, they put together an incredible combination. Arlo Guthrie gave his audience everything they expected – and more. His mixture of narrative satire, along with both old and new material, left an appreciative audience cheering for more on September 13.

Unlike many of the Woodstock-era alumni, Arlo has improved with age. Performing solo throughout the night, he eased through old favorites such as "Coming Into Los Angeles," Steve Goodman's "City of New Orleans," "The Motorcycle Song" and his father's "This Land ls Your Land."

The highlight of the evening was an updated, audience-integrated, syncopated and truly elongated, (sigh), version of "Alice's Restaurant.

. Thanks, again, to Daydream. This one will be hard to top but we're looking forward to more good things in the future.