Bob On This Cool Breeze at Tewligan's

By Jim Powell

Like a cool breeze from the north on a hot summer night, Bob On This comes down from Indianapolis to give the people of Louisville a refreshing escape from the seriousness that far too many bands try to pass off as their music. This band has not forgotten that music can be fun, joyful and clever.

Unfortunately, on September 7 at Tewligans less than thirty people saw this wonderful band. What a shame that so many people who often complain that there is nothing to do would not come out to see this band with all of their insightfulness and great attitude.

Through the two sets that Bob On This performed, it became quite clear that this band was very capable of doing many types of music. From the funky "Without A Leg" to the highly energetic "My Guns" to the Beatles-inspired "Can I See You Again" to the bitterly satirical "Pray T.V.," the rhythm section anchored by Doc Venom on drums and Glenn Librita on bass never faulted. With Steve Bandy providing expertise on the guitar, Bob Bullock's vocals came through with distinct clarity and allowed all who were there to have a good time.