Daniel Worle Makes A Statement

By Jim Powell

On September 8 at Zephyr Gallery the Louisville musical community was treated to the debut of the sound installation entitled "A Statement of Transience" by the Louisville-based avant-garde composer Daniel Worle.

This sound installation was in accompaniment to Ray Kleinhelter's Tractors and Paintings. Relying upon the formula of a classical requiem, Worle was able to bring about a coherent expression of the many influences that have shaped his compositional style.

Throughout the fifteen movements of this installation, the talents of guitarist Auric Steel were highlighted. From the movements that were derived from the blues to the reggae-inspired to the purely rock or jazz or funk, the succinct transition from the composer's conception to the principal performer's interpretation was made without a noticeable flaw taking place.

However, Steel was not the only performer to exhibit his talents. In addition to Steel, the combination of Gregory Acker playing the flute, Margaret Comer performing on the harp and Tamara Owens displaying her talents with the viola and her voice as well as Worle performing on the synthesizer, percussions and with his voice enabled this installation to come to life.