Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

Aside from trying to go and hear as much of the free music that's been available in the city for the last several weeks, not to mention managing the songwriting contest and organizing the big seminar scheduled for Novemer 18, I've been lazing about for some time and haven't gathered up too much in the way of juicy gossip. Ah, well, ain't summertime just like that?

I do have one or two tidbits, however. Marion Maxwell over in Shelbyville tells me that she's getting a piece she wrote published. The work, called "Bell Folly," was written for the handbell choir of the Simpsonville Methodist Church. Whenever it's scheduled for performance, I'll pass the word.

Dwight Stickler, frequent keyboardist at the Monday Night Open Stage, has gotten involved with the University of Louisville's in-dorm radio station, WLCV. Dwight says that they are organizing a program of local music, tentatively titled "Best Of the Region." If you have some air-quality tapes / records you'd like to get to them for consideration, drop a note to: Local Music Director, Suite 41, Student Center, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292.

On Saturday, September 23, Charlie Walls, The Music Man, played a reception staged by the state Democratic party, at which the guest of honor was the Guv himself, Wallace Wilkinson. The event was part of the Marion County, KY Fall Festival in Lebanon, KY. Wilkinson was the Grand Marshall in the parade.

To all you folks who passed along bits and pieces: if I've failed to mention one, it's just because I'm an old hippie and my memory is going.