Letters To The Editor

Appreciates Winchester album review

I had brought to my attention a review that you had in your recent Music News on Jesse Winchester's album Humour Me. I just wanted to write you a note to say that it made my day. Jesse and I worked very hard on the project. The musicians are all good friends of mine and we all had fun doing the project. Your review reflected just how we felt while recording it.

I'm so glad you liked it. Thanks again.

Best regards to your staff.

Bil VornDick

Keith Case & Associates

Nashville, Tennessee 37212

P.S. I sent a copy of the review to Jesse.

(Mr. VornDick was Jesse Winchester's associate producer for the Humour Me album. Paul Moffett reviewed Winchester's album for our September edition but neglected to give himself a by-line. As an aside, we are still disagreeing over the wording of one of the lines in "Well-A-Wiggy."-Editor.)