October Membership Meetings

On October 2 Jean Zimmerman, representing Buddy Lee Attractions of Nashville, Tenn., will be our special guest. Ms. Zimmerman will bring along some artists to give us a sampling of the kind of talent they represent. She will also be looking for songs that her company might be able to use, so be sure to bring along a cassette tape of your song to be critiqued. Don't forget the 10 lyric sheets. And, remember, you must be an L.A.S.C. member to have a song critiqued.

The October 16 meeting will be a collaboration session. Bring your ideas and your musical instrument if you play. We will have available a few song ideas filched from magazines for those of you who don't have one you want to develop.

September Membership Meetings

Because our first meeting in September would have fallen on Labor Day, the meeting was cancelled.

On September 18 we had a critique session. We are very pleased that for some time now we have had enough tapes to fill up the entire time allotted for the session, and everyone has been complying with our ten-lyric-sheets rule. We're also noticing more members offering their suggestions. Thanks, members.