Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

Rich Lober believes in keeping in touch. A recent letter from him indicated that he'd like very much to be back in Louisville and that he'd like to find a collaborator as his songwriting has been less than inspired lately. "I really need to seek professional collaboration such as a David Coe, or a Merle Haggard. However, those cats are busy – am I right? Any chance someone within our organization could help?" Rich asks.

Charlie Walls, although he's not one to toot his own horn, mentioned to me that he had won first prize in the just-concluded Kentucky Fried Chicken Songwriting Contest in Liberty, Ky. for his "Two-Story House." And … he came in second in the same contest with "Movin' to the Country." As a result of his success, Charlie got to be a guest disc jockey on radio station WKDO in Liberty hat did the guest disc jockey play? Well, Charlie ain't no fool – he played eight-to-ten of his originals during his two-to-three-hour stint, as he temporarily replaced regular disc jockey Rick Wesley. The "Music Man" also plugged the L.A.S.C. a good bit, which comes as no surprise to those of us who know Charlie.

in KFC's Danville, Ky. contest, Charlie did it again – this time with "Thief In the Night." Radio station WMGE p.m. 107 played the contest entries and our "Music Man" was awarded his prize on a live broadcast from the station. We understand that each member of the Walls family now has his/her, own keyboard – courtesy of our fellow songwriter.

Loretta Sadler, a Co-oper living in Harrodsburg, came in second in the same contest. Her song is titled "Way Back Then." Congratulations, Charlie and Loretta! Any other winners out there?

Did you happen to see Bob Rosenthal on television recently'? It's always a real kick for me to see one of our members on the tube. Bob was touting his September 10 concert at the Macauley. Some 300 folk turned out for the concert sponsored by Parents Against Drug Abuse. (Sorry I couldn't make it, Bob. There was an L.A.S.C. contingent signed up to perform up on the Second Street bridge for the bridge party and I had already made a commitment to be there.)

Bob said his singing of Pete Seeger's "My Rainbow Race" at the concert led to an appearance later that evening at the Red Barn on behalf of Green Peace. Bob was very happy to have had some 400 kids asking for and singing along with him on– you guessed it– "Bunny Foo Foo."

In a last-minute phone conversation with Bob, he shared an interesting story with me and I loved it. Seems Bob had made a reference to one of Bill Ede's songs – "Brother's Keeper"– in the early part of his September 24 concert at St. Pius church. Bob was just about 15 minutes into the concert, a benefit for Rheumatoid Arthritis SeIf Helpers (RASH), when, unexpectedly, Bill walked in to catch Bob's performance. (Bob had just finished singing "Bunny Foo Foo" and "Old Lady Who Swallowed A fly.")

Now it is Bob's practice to invite performers whom he spots in his audience to join him on stage for a number or two and how appropriate it was to be able to introduce the gentleman whose song Bob had referred to earlier and have him sing the song. Bill accepted Bob's invitation, sang "Brother's Keeper," and had the audience singing along. Says Bob, "It was just wonderful."

Bill had just happened to see a flier on the post office bulletin board about the concert and had dropped by to see Bob perform. After the performance Bill reminded Bob about a past performance of a song that he had requested – "Green Back Dollar."

After the concert was over, Bill received many nice compliments on his song and his "wonderful voice."

What a nice story, Bob. Thanks for sharing it.

Boy, did we ever think up a lot of headlines for this one: "She Caught A Falling Star," "Coldcocked by a Fallen Musician," and the list goes on. Anyhow, here's the story:

Seems L.A.S.C. member and song plugger Karen Le Van was sitting at The Rud listening to the open stage performers on Monday, September 18, following the Coop meeting. Everyone there heard a loud noise and several saw a picture fall off the wall, but Karen mostly just felt a sharp blow to the nose. You see, someone stood up and accidentally dislodged one of those great paintings of musicians done by talented Eugene Thomas.

Now Karen is a wonderful sport and as soon as she had regained her composure somewhat she tried to not make a fuss and the open stage continued. Everyone expressed their concern and Karen tried to downplay the whole incident. However, as of this writing Karen is staying very busy trying to explain that swollen nose and those two black eyes she is sporting. Yes, she caught a fallen musician, but I'm guessing she doesn't want to do it again! I sure hope she comes out of it with a song title or two. You know, "If life hands you a lemon ..."

Ron Gambrell is at it again. A while back he cut a rap song for the University of Louisville basketball team when they were heading for the N.C.A.A. tourney. This time he's rapping for the football team, and in that connection I spotted him on a local television newscast. I must admit that my ears perked up when the voice on the TV urged me to stay tuned for a Cards' rap song. I thought it would be Ron, but was disappointed when the rapper was identified as "Roe Campbell" with Bobby Lanz. I did stay tuned, and I did indeed see Ron Gambrell in the studio rapping away for the local University. Hey, Ron, have you adopted a new name or was your real name just garbled? Anyway, good luck!

Sorry to hear that Claude Wayne is no longer a part of the entertainment at the Grand Convention Center in New Albany. Last word was that the facility will just be offering dancing to the. music of the house band, The Grand Band.

(We are interested in what you are doing. Send your news items so that this column will be more comprehensive and representative of the L.A..S.C. membership.)