October Songwriter Showcase

"Papa" Gene Adams will make an appearance on the stage after an lengthy absence due to ill health. Adams has the classic mountain singer's voice and a straight-forward way of delivering his lines. "Write like you talk" is the advice given new writers and Adams does just that.

English professor, poet and occasional preacher Rick Butsch has been coaxed out of hiding across the river and will bring his normal batch of literarily-crafted tunes to the Rudyard stage, not to mention the occasional rowdy sing-along. There may even be a new one or two.

Jude Kupper also returns, armed with a bevy of new tunes. Louisville's own advocate of the Randy Newman / Tom Waits / Janis Ian school of writers has been very busy and promises to show off some solid new tunes, on the piano and guitar.

Board member Charlie Walls will haul in his new equipment for this show. The new sound module replaced about "700 pounds of stuff," according to Charlie, but it'll still be Charlie and his straight-ahead, dance-to-it country boogie, with all the new tunes that he's written and pitched lately, plus who knows what else. Catch him on this show for a preview of an upcoming event.

The show is set for Saturday, October 7, 1989, at the Rudyard Kipling Restaurant, 422 W. Oak. Showtime is 9:00. Tickets will be available at the door and are $3.00 for the public, $2.00 for L.A.S.C. members.

Call 636-1311 for dinner reservations or for directions.