The Reel News

By Paul Moffett

Audio to Go -- Joe Shaw says he's doing mixing on the Velcro Pygmies' project; work continues constantly with RUOK?; Yer' Boyfriend has done a little recording; RUOK? is scheduled to go on the road soon.

Studio 2002 -- Over the river, Rob Magallon is raving about Yer' Girlfriend, who cut a five-song EP of original tunes; Tony Coleman, a contemporary gospel tune and an R&B demo; Greg Cason recorded some local-focus demos, including a Harvest Homecoming Demo and one for Joe Huber's restaurant up in Starlight, Indiana, plus a potential state song for Indiana. The group called Passion, managed by Gentell Productions, has assembled a package of original tunes to be shopped on the West Coast to some interested labels. Brad Stevens did a demo of a rock tune he wrote. L.A.S.C.'er Raven Skelton cut a demo for the WXLN contest. L.A.S.C.'er Bob Panther also is working on a musical. Rob also mentioned that he has acquired a new 88-key Kuwai keyboard controller, as well as a rack-mounted EPS sampler. As long as the money keeps moving, things are looking up, eh Rob?

Real-to-Reel -- Jeff Carpenter offered that Something Big has been in doing a 5-song project. Something Big is the band with the Comettes idea, mentioned last month in the Corner column. Also, a Christmas compilation 4-song EP is in the works, with contributions from Exploding Veils, One Red Romeo, Mrs. Frazier, and Something Big. Scheduled release is "early December." Watch for it. The reconstituted Ten Foot Pole has been in on a new demo. Tracy and Wes Hawkins have been in on a solo project. Finally, by doing "lots of commercials," Jeff says he's logging as much time possible with his new board and is happy with it.

Allen-Martin Productions - Nick Stevens called to say that he has had a busy month, what with recording lots and breaking in new boss Bill Porter.

On the album side of things, the group Exquisite Fashion has completed their premier project, entitled Exquisite Fashion, and has released it on CD. Locally, it's available at Ear X-stacy. Louisville crooner Rick Bartlett has also completed his tribute to Nat Cole album. According to Nick, Bartlett is also scheduled to go on tour with Natalie Cole later this year.

Contemporary Christian artist Robert Cloud has released an album entitled Proclaimer. No word on where to buy it. Singer Turley Richards, who doubles as a producer, is producing an album-scale project for contemporary Christian artist Danny Jones. Nick noted that two "First Call" Nashville session players, Bob Wray and John Willis, were brought in. Contemporary Christian group The Renners are also working on an album.

On the demo list are Kenny Finton, a songwriter whose credentials include a staff writer position at Big Seven music in New York and co-producer with Brook Benton, has been laying down some new material. Ray Barrickman, bass player for Hank, Jr. has also been cooking some demos. The final mixing on J. P. Pennington's many demos is under way. (J. P. must have been writing up a storm.) The Core of Resistance has become New Deal and they are doing sessions. Songwriters James Baker, Billy Hatfield, Carlos Merriweather and Joey Byers have been busy rearranging the little pieces of magnetic material glued to Mylar tape.

Finally, Mark Noderer has been recording the music for Icehouse, a play to be produced by the Crossroads Theater Group in Newark, N. J. Some month, Nick.

Artec - From up in Salem, Indiana, Mike Stites conveys the following news: an album project is in the works for the C. E. Copeland band; LASC'er Rusty Bladen is also continuing with his album; Salem rockers Fahrenheit are beginning an album; a couple of heavy metal groups are in, including, from New Albany, Venger and the band Scratch, who are working on an EP; Bloomington-based musicians have been in laying tracks for the Merritt Carter project; publishing demos have been recorded by Stephen Kennedy, John Ross and Stites.

Stites also reports that their publishing company has gotten confirmation on the name: Chestnut Hill Publishing.

Falk Recording -David Blythe reports that things have been busy in spite of a "little" glitch while workers were digging a trench between the new front office and the studio, the cable handling all the phones, intercom, 220, etc., was severed. Oops. Nevertheless, during the last month, several songwriters cut demos for contests: Jude Kupper was in for several; Byron Himmelheber also laid down a couple, as did Carol Rushton. Rapper Howard Gilbert did a two-song demo; Christian writers Kelly Cunnigan and Cheryl Lefler recorded some tunes for the WXLN contest. In the album department, Carolyn Flake is cutting a country project; Blythe's Big Ole Records has started a project with Jennifer Lauletta, a contemporary Christian artist; the Walnut Street Baptist Church is working on a Christmas album with the Singing Christmas Tree; and finally, Mickey Clark is doing an album of the Cardinal Cannonball's Greatest Hits, with Turley Richards producing. I can hardly wait.

Artists' Recording Service - Lamont Gillespie wrote to say that he and his band, the Homewreckers, cut a demo at ARS. Sam Meyers arranged and blew harp. Thanks for the tip.

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