By Jim Powell

On September 1 and 2 Tewligans played host to the Nashville-based group, The Little Saints.

For the past year this group has played several of the local establishments that encourage the performance of original music. On this count The Little Saints provide a unique mixture of rock/blues/jazz/country that allows for the audience to be mesmerized by a group that is unwilling to sacrifice artistic, musical, or technical proficiency for an artificial high energy level.

With the drummer the bassist providing the foundation for the group to extend their repertoire through several genres and the infusion of interesting saxophone work lead to the place where lyrics can flourish and take center stage.

The Little Saints are not a band that a person goes to watch; they are a band that a person goes to listen to and be entertained by. With excellent lead and backing vocals, The Little Saints are a band that provide an opportunity for those who can appreciate more than just rhythm to do that.