Welcome, New Members

By Diana Black

We are happy to add three new members to our roster during the month of September. The new members are Russell (Rusty) Lee, Steven J. Hardin and William Matz.

Rusty Lee, our 266th member, is currently busy writing country, rock and pop material. He has performed on stage as a solo act and as part of a band locally and on the road, playing both guitar and harmonica. Rusty has expressed he would like to find a collaborator and is also interested in helping the Co-op with advertising, distribution and performing. We'll be calling, Rusty!

Steven Hardin is our 26th member and has recently moved here from Louisiana. He has stage experience as a drummer but also plays guitar and bass. Steven is writing country and MOR material with the aid of his four-track studio. He is very interested in finding a collaborator and would like to help L.A.S.C. in any area he is needed. Thanks, Steve, we look forward to your involvement.

Last, but not least, William Matz comes in at No. 268 on our member list. William performed in the Louisville area from 1965-69 playing guitar and doing vocals for a rock band. From 1980-83 he also provided vocals and guitar for a folk/soft rock duo in Chicago. He then went solo in 1983-84, again in the Chicago area, accompanying himself on guitar and harmonica. He is currently writing folk, soft rock and country material. Welcome, William. 8

On behalf of L.A.S.C. I would like to express how important each member is to our organization, and again welcome each one of the new members. If you have any questions concerning L.A.S.C., please feel free to call me at (S02) 893-0693, and I will be happy to help in any way I can. Also, I would like to mention that anyone interesting in joining the Co-op or just wanting information about the organization is welcome to call me at the above number and I will be be glad to answer. questions' membership application.