Arlo Guthrie to appear at the Macauley Theater

Arlo Guthrie returns to Louisville on Wednesday, September 13, for a solo performance.

The concert, billed as an evening with Arlo Guthrie, will feature two long sets of Guthrie and his music. There will be no opening act. Tickets are $16.50 and all seats are reserved.

Guthrie has been a fixture on the national folk scene since the he first played "Alice's Restaurant" at the 1967 Newport Folk Festival. The tune had a lasting impact on Guthrie and his listeners, spawning, at various times, an ant-draft movement, a movie and soon, a new CD recording. He has also written and recorded many other songs, with a current catalog which fills thirteen albums.

His other hits include "Coming Into Los Angeles" and "City Of New Orleans," a tune penned by Chicago songwriter Steve Goodman. After a period of traveling with a band, Guthrie has returned to performing solo. He continues to play songs old and new, including some written by his father, Woody Guthrie.

When not touring, Guthrie lives on a Berkshire farm with his wife Jackie and some or all of their four childre.

Tickets for the September 13 event are available at the Macauley Theater. Doors will open at 7:00 pm and there will be a cash bar available.