Corn Island Storytelling Festival

Time to to put yer ears on, good buddy, and head for the Corn Island Storytelling Festival, scheduled this year to run from September 14 to September 16. This event, which last year attracted over 16,000 people from 39 states and 9 foreign countries, is one of the premier festivals for storytellers.

There will be a storytelling cruise on the Belle of Louisville, a storytelling olio at the Water Tower and the main Festival at Locust Grove, historic home of George Rogers Clark. The finale will be the ever-popular Ghost Tales at Long Run Park, in eastern Jefferson county.

The line-up of tellers includes Brenda Wong Aoki from California, Frances Caffrey, Virginia, Barbara McBride-Smith from Oklahoma, Bobby Norfolk from Missouri, Doug and Frankie Quimby from Georgia, plus the Centenarians and more, more, more.

For information and tickets, write or call:

Corn Island Storytelling Festival

12019 Donohue Ave.

Louisville, KY 40243

(502) 245-0643