Corrections & Clarifications

In a recent issue we incorrectly spelled the name of Spalding University.

Another instance of an incorrect name occurred when we inadvertently left the question mark off the name of the group RUOK? Now, then, I hope we're OK; RUOK?

In the misspelled name category, add that of Sandy Neuman. In a July article we had an extra "n" on her last name. Sandy didn't mind but we did. Misspelled names are a 'nno-nno' to us here at Louisville Music News.

Although Mr. Grappelli didn't complain, someone else did -- when we listed the famous writer as Stephane Grappelly in a recent article. A thousand pardons, but we must add in our own defense that the record albums we selected to check the spelling used the Grappelly spelling. A further check turned up albums with the Grappelli spelling. Take your pick, but we think the latter is correct.

Then there's the matter of Robert Jr. Lockwood versus Robert Lockwood, Jr. Well, Mr. Lockwood himself told a local reporter some time back that the unusual positioning of "Jr." in the middle of his name got started a long time ago, but that he is actually Robert Lockwood, Jr. That's why we used the latter version in our newspaper. Mr. Lockwood did add, however, that either way was all right with him.

Thomas E. Styles III prefers that we use his correct middle initial instead of the substitute one we gave him in August. Sorry, Rev., and thanks for being a good sport about it.

In our August issue the printer inadvertently switched two of the photos in the open-stage article. L.A.S.C. President Paul Moffett's photograph was flip-flopped with that of Three Wheel Drive members Dave Evans and Tim Brothers. The guys took a bit of ribbing on this one; but, most of us know which is which. Also, Tim was typographically changed to Jim elsewhere in the same issue.

Also in our August issue, we mentioned that Gary Morris did not write "Wind Beneath My Wings," and that he so informed the audience. Well, that's quite true. We did not, however, tell you who did write it, so we're gonna remedy that right here and now. The writers of that beautiful award-winning song are Larry Henley and Jeff Silbar. Anyone who writes such a great song should certainly be credited with having done so.

In our August story about Alan Rhody's July 8 concert at The Rudyard Kipling, we dropped a few lines. That portion is reprinted here:

They really cooked on "Train Wreck of Emotion." Jon Vezner co-wrote the song with Alan, and it was a hit for Lorrie Morgan, who did a great video of it as well.

In a review of Ms. Morgan's current album, Leave the Light On in the July issue of People magazine, Ralph Novak said:

"On his liner acknowledgment, producer Barry Beckett thanks 'the pluggers who found the songs that we recorded,' and well he should, since those pluggers (songwriters' and music publishers' salespeople) came up with nine fresh variations on the theme of which way did he/she go? The Jon Vezner-Alan Rhody tune 'Trainwreck of Emotion' brings in another familiar country theme -- railroads -- in an uptempo if emotionally downbeat way ..."

Other favorites included "Eugenia Rae," a rock 'n' roll number which Alan wrote for his mother, and "Somebody to Care," which I believe Tanya Tucker had some success with a while back.

After mentioning that he has available a 14-song album (Border Crossings, 1986), Alan treated the audience to his recent single "She Dreams," (c/w Pat Alger and performed by Alan, on Evergreen which Music Row columnist Robert Oerman pronounced "Well sung and well produced."