Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

Rick Davis, guitarist for the Omega Road Band, is the host for a new open stage out Dixie Highway. On Sunday nights at Miss Kitty's, 7803 Dixie Highway, Ph. 935-2206, starting at about 6:00 pm (sometimes 7:00), a jam / open stage will get rolling. Since I haven't been there, I can't report anything firsthand, but Davis says that he will have the help of Steve Embry on drums and Smoketown Red on guitar, so I suspect that it will have a strong blues flavor. If you get there before me, call and fill me in on how it goes.

Rob Pickett of Modern Music in Jeffersonville said he caught Kingdom Come with James Kottak and Rick Steir at the Kentucky State Fair; they're leaving for Europe soon; Alan Phelps, ex-Buster Brown guitarist, is now with Paradise Lost, which is scheduled to release an album, entitled Paradise Lost, on September 1.

Sweet FA signed with MCA last week, according to Pickett. No details on that pact as yet. Rae Smith, formerly with the group Jou-Jou, is now singing with Bobby Lanz. The Mudcats have a new bass player, Larry Holt.

Dan Gediman, WFPL engineer / producer, and guitarist for the Louisville-based alternative pop band Something Big, dropped LMN a note. It seems that the Something Big crew, in an effort to be inventive in marketing, have come up with Comettes, which are a combination of cassette and 16-page comic book. SB plans a monthly series release, beginning with a show at Tewligan's on September 23rd, with a full-length album release scheduled for January.

Several local stores have agreed to distribute the Comettes, including Electric Ladyland, Better Days, Recordhead, and Ear X-tacy. Gediman promises that if the concept is successful for Something Big, other bands will be encouraged to make use of this hybrid format. It should certainly be interesting.

Also in the works for Something Big is a special Christmas release in seven-inch vinyl and cassette with proceeds going to benefit Louisville's homeless.

From up in Cleveland comes word of the '89 Entertainment Business Expo, a three-day International Convention & Trade Show, which focuses on education for the folks in the business. It looks pretty much like "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know, etc," plus.

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