KYANA Blues Society

Greetings Blues Fans:

Apologies to about fifty members (yes, members!) who were inadvertently left off the mailing list of the Society Newsletter. This was corrected as soon as it was brought to my attention and everyone should now be receiving the newsletter. If there are any other members not receiving the newsletter, don't be quiet about it! Call me so we can correct the oversight.

This year's Garvin Gate Festival will be the best yet. This year's lineup includes the Metropolitan Blues Allstars form Lexington, the Unknown Blues Band from Nashville, H-Bomb Ferguson from Cincinnati and Eddie Clearwater from Chicago. The Clearwater concert will be held at the Rudyard Kipling on Saturday evening, October 14th. There will be an admission charge for this concert, but all other entertainment, on Garvin Place, is free and open to the public. This year's concert is supported in part by the following agencies, organizations, and businesses: The Jefferson Discovery Program, through the office of Jefferson County Judge / Executive Harvey I. Sloane, M. D., the Commissioners of Jefferson County, the Louisville Board of aldermen, The Garvin Gate Association, River City Distributors, Inc., The Louisville Federation of Musicians, and The Music Performance Trust Funds of the United States.

Of course, there will be a line-up of local blues talent. This line-up has not yet been finalized. The Festival will begin Friday evening (we're calling it a Friday night teaser) at 7:00 pm on Garvin Place, and then later, at the Rudyard Kipling. That's Friday, October 13th, by the way. Then it will continue on Saturday, beginning at 11:00 am and lasting throughout the day.

Everyone, come out and support the blues. We're going to have a great time out there

Yours Truly, Rocky Adcock, President