L.A.S.C. Members Perform At Kentucky Music Weekend

By Jean Metcalfe

On July 30, following a brief but interesting songwriter's workshop hosted by Jan Marra and Alan Rhody, several members of the Louisville Area Songwriters' Cooperative performed original material up on the hill at the Iroquois Amphitheater.

The Sunday afternoon showcase was kicked off by the duo of Dan Colon and Fred Otto, who did a fine job on "Honey Don't Let Me Down" and "Two Hearts Survive." Dan and Fred were joined by Becky Bennett and Kelly Wilkinson who provided vocal harmonies on the latter number.

It was unfortunate that a time problem caused the performers to have to stop after two songs, which came as a mid-set surprise to Dan and Fred, leaving them with a couple of planned songs left over.

Prez Paul Moffett did a couple of area songwriters' favorite Moffett tunes -- "A Country Song" and "Cottonmouth." Marie Augustine and Kelly Wilkinson punched up the latter number by providing back-up harmony.

Talented Louisville-area songwriter and performer Bill Ede chose his "Say When" and "1943 Copper Penny" to entertain the original music fans. The latter song is a cut on the Co-operative's first album, First Time Out.

When it was Marie Augustine's turn in the spotlight, she sang her bluesy/jazzy originals, "Good Time Gambler" and "One Dish From Your Smorgasbord Is Gone." "Gambler" is also a cut on First Time Out.

Jack Twombley's "close-up" concert included the original "Last Trip From Texas," a cover of "Helpless Heart" ("about the musical life"), and a tune he sings "when I have a bad case of the 'downs,'" "Everybody's Gotta Go Sometime." Twombley was suffering from a case of "Valleyitis," perhaps intensified by the press of duties connected with his job as sound man for the weekend.

The parade of L.A.S.C. showcase performers picked up again with Ed Jackson presenting "Five O'Clock in the Morning," "Summer Of '71" and his brand new "Wheeler Avenue." Ed, a fairly new member of L.A.S.C., is a talented and welcome addition.

Becky and Kelly took their turn at a full set next and covered "How Do," which they followed with Joann Hatcher's "Last Goodbye Kiss" and "Hold On Tight," another cover tune. Becky and Kelly stuck around to perform "Closer to Fine" on the open stage, accompanied by Ken Lucchese.