The Reel News

Audio To Go - Joe Shaw reports that he has been cutting demos for the Duos, the Jack Brengle Big Band, Fat Chance, the Ed Brothers, and RUOK? He is also scheduled to do some on-location work for the KYANA Blues Society at Uncle P's for Scott Mullins' blues show on WFPL. Then there is the all-string ensemble with Joe Shaw on bass, guitarist Joe Shaw, the Joe Shaw String Section...

Alpha Recording - Eng. Keith Pacey tells us that the Taylor Family has been doing some recording, as has the country gospel group The Byrd Sisters. A southern gospel group, the Heavenly Bound Quartet, has cut a couple of tunes; gospel group The Heavenly Heirs made a demo. Up from Nashville, singer / songwriter Stan Atcher, brother of Steve, has been doing a fair amount of demo work, both locally and in Nashville. Finally, a metal band named Valhalla came in and cut a demo project.

Mom's - Howie Gano has been on Canadian vacation but still some work has gone on. Songwriter Bill Southerland of LED has been cutting demos; The Mighty Water Kings have been in playing the blooz; Joe Brown recorded a commercial for the lottery; from La Grange, the band La Grange has been recording songs for the L.A.S.C. songwriting contest; Michael McGrath and David Pitt have both cut demos; the rap group Shock has been working on a project, but no label or date; finally, songwriter Wade Thurmond has recorded some new tunes.

Studio 2002 - from across the river, Rob Magallon brings us this report: Lee Cable has been cutting some "tremendous stuff," with Riley White and other equally good players helping out; Songwriter Earl Meyers brought Dave Evans of Webster's Nightmare in to cut a couple of tunes for the L.A.S.C. contest, taking advantage of Magallon's songwriter block special of three hours for $50; Oznola Records has been recording several rap groups but no details are available; finally Paul Timbs is scheduled in to due a one-man project.

Real-to-Reel - owner / engineer Jeff Carpenter has been busy doing some studio modifications to go with his new board, but he still has been doing a bit of recording for pop-rockers Finnish Dove, working on the "Goodnight Irene" project, for an eight-song cd; no release date. Also, former members of Fanci Pantz and Folks on Fire are scheduled in.

Music Man Productions - Charlie Walls reports that he has been busy working on demos for John Pickett, Jean Metcalfe, Kenny Perkins, Lynn Riffle, Earl Meyers, and Alan Baker. He also has been doing a little work with a songwriter named Kenny Young, who wrote a tune some years ago entitled "A Picture of You Without Me," which went to No. 1 on the country charts for George Jones back in 1966. Charlie also says he has been remodeling, and has a new isolation booth and monitors.

Falk Recording - David Blythe notes that the following sessions have been going on: some spots for Dan Deburger at WTMT radio; regular Bradley Forbis has been mixing a new demo; the Rheingold Band came in and cut an album of polka tunes. The cassette will be available in time for the Strassenfest. Hillard Vincent and The Harvesters cut a Southern gospel album, scheduled for cassette; rappers Howard Gilbert and Odee Garcia have been in working. Garcia has cut an entire album. No word on release date. The Pendulum Orchestra recorded seven new charts, mostly to see how the charts did. SW Jude Kupper cut three demos for the LASC contest. Also, Falk Recording has a new office. After some time trying to find a new location, Gary gave up and decided to convert the house in front of his studio into an office. Workers have been busy painting, wiring, carpet-laying and so on. Next time you're in the neighborhood, stop by and check it out.

Artec (Salem, In) - Partner Mike Stites shares the following: new LASC'er Rusty Bladen has begun work on a new album; songwriter Steven Kennedy has recorded some demos; the metal band Scratch is in the middle of a six-tune EP, due out in November; C. E. Copeland cut six rock demos; and Turley Richards has been in finishing some publisher demos.