The Mayor's SummmerScene and WinterScene Programs

By Susan Burchett Miller

Director, Special Programs & Events

Mayor's Office

From June 7 through August 27, Louisville Mayor Jerry E. Abramson's SummerScene presented over 1,000 "Shows-To-Go" at over 300 different city locations. Some of our most popular performers were Quentin Sharpenstein and his Rascals of Ragtyme, the Sam Harris Quartet, Ray Weaver with the Highland Chamber Players, and Gary Brewer and the Kentucky Ramblers.

Also, Bob Rosenthal entertained audiences from age 2 to 92 and Sarah Keeney and the Golden Gals were a big hit.

Old Kentucky Music was provided by Sally George and Jim Webb and the Contemporary Gospel Music Show was performed by Verman Winburn and Clarine Fuller. The Tight Squeeze Irish band was back again this summer and so was Turley Richards. Turley became a duo with the addition of Bruce Krohmer and their show has received rave reviews.

The Mayor's WinterScene program will run December 1 through February 15, 1990. We'll be doing about 400 shows and these will go primarily to senior citizens groups and retirement homes.

If a musician or group is interested in joining our program, they should send me a letter or brochure indicating their present schedule and list past performance sites. I would like to add a female vocalist to our line-up and any musician that would appeal to an older audience.

(Susan Burchett Miller's address is Office of the Mayor, City of Louisville, 601 W. Jefferson Street, Louisville, KY 40202-2728.)