Songwriter Showcase

The September L.A.S.C. Songwriter Showcase, scheduled for September 2, will feature Tom Van Meter and Paula, Scott Furlong, Becky, Kelly and Ken, and Bill Ede.

Tom Van Meter and Paula have not appeared on the Showcase before, even though Van Meter has been in the L.A.S.C. for quite a well. Becky Bennett, Kelly Wilkinson and Ken Lucchese are making up a cancelled August engagement on the Showcase, when Wilkinson was involved in moving to Lexington. Becky and Kelly recently placed third in the Central City contest. (See story elsewhere in this issue.)

Scott Furlong has been garnering good notices following his recent appearances at the SongMarket at the Butchertown Pub. His material has been compared to such West Coast writers as Danny O'Keefe and Tim Weisberg.

Bill Ede, often cited as one of the premier songwriters in Louisville, is a perennial favorite on the Showcase. His late-night closers on the Monday Night Open Stage at the Rudyard Kipling often extend into remarkable vocal and musical excursions.

The Showcase begins at 9:00 pm and admission is $3 for non-members, $2 for L.A.S.C. members. Reservations for dinner may be obtained by calling 636-1311.