Tight Squeeze sends thanks.

Just a short note to thank you all for the very kind review of our Tight Squeeze tape and coverage with the interview as well. The Music News is a valuable source of support for musicians in the Louisville area as well as away for us all to know about each other.

One goal that Tight Squeeze has had since its beginnings is to promote traditional Irish music, as well as other traditional music and dance. The Music News has aided us in doing this as well and helped to preserve the many wonderful and varied cultural forms of music.

Keep up the good work!

Henry Austin

Louisville, KY 40207

Enjoyed Flaherty's III and Randy Atcher articles.

Thank you so much for the Louisville Music News. … the latest edition featuring Flaherty's III was especially interesting to me.

The issue with Randy Atcher I sent to (son) Dennis. He was on the show with Randy on T-Bar-V Ranch time. It brought back good memories to him and to me, also.

Shirley Hamilton

Salisbury, NC 28144

(And we thank you, Shirley, for the compliments. We have had a very good response to both of the articles you mentioned. We appreciate hearing from our readers. " Editor.)

Appreciates book review.

Thanks for the great review of my book. Your support is appreciated.

Kent J. Klavens

Los Angeles, CA 90067

(The book referred to is "Protecting Your Songs & Yourself" by Klavens and was reviewed by Paul Moffett in our February issue. -Editor.)