New Kids On The Block

By Kristen Cary

The happiest time in my life is when I went to see New Kids On the Block.

When the music started I felt fish swimming up and down my back! I knew that they were going to be great and I love them with all of my heart.

When they came out on stage I was so happy I started to cry. The music made me dance the whole time and I felt like it would never stop. I watched all five of them, but Joe McIntyre was the one I was always looking at. Donnie, Danny, Jon and Jordan were great, but I love Joe the best That's what I felt at the concert -love!

(Kristen Cary is nine years old and a third-grade student at Highview Baptist School. She recently won her school's Young Authors award. On March 10 she attended the concert by New Kids On the Block at Freedom Hall in Louisville and we asked her to write a review of that concert. We think she did a fine job. Editor.)