By Diana Black

L.A.S.C. is proud to add four new members to our roster.

New members joining since the March issue of the Letter are: Timothy Lester, Jeff Baker, Jeanetta Salmon and Dave Troxell. They have received membership numbers 290-293, respectively.

Tim Lester comes to us from Frankfort, Kentucky. He grew up singing in various churches and performing in talent shows and for club meetings and schools. Tim both enjoys and writes a wide variety of musical styles such as: country, pop, contemporary Christian and gospel. He would like to collaborate and bring his musical and lyrical skills to the table. Blessed with a good ear, Tim feels he could help with sound; however, he has offered to help in any area in which he is needed. Great to have you with us, Tim!

Jeff Baker lives here in Louisville. He has played with local bar bands in the late '70s and early '80s and various other gigs during the mid '80s. Jeff's writing sounds very interesting as he is into progressive country (new country) and alternative folk rock. He would be interested in trying some collaboration in the future. His musical skills include six-and twelve-string guitar, bass and percussion.

Jeff has also expressed an interest in helping the co-op with advertising, fund raising, production and performing.

We're looking forward to working with you, Jeff!

Jeanetta (Jan) Salmon is becoming a familiar face at L.A.S.C. (I see her regularly at NSAI, too!) She is a published poet who has had music set to some of her work. Her songs have been recorded by three different recording companies and a Christian rap group. Her poetry won her the 1989 Golden Poet Award through the World of Poetry organization. Jan would like to collaborate with someone interested in Christian contemporary music. Glad to see you actively pursuing your dream, January

Dave Troxell, also from here in Louisville, has performed in Chicago with Ginger Callahan and locally during Derby Eve Jam and at various talent nights. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Dave, but I do know he plays guitar, piano, banjo and mandolin. Dave is not yet sure he would like to collaborate, but is actively writing rock 'n' roll.

Fund raising and performing are two areas in which Dave has volunteered his services. Look forward to meeting you real soon, Dave.

Speaking for the L.A.S.C., I would like to say how important we feel each member is to the co-op. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (502) 893-0693 and I will be happy to help in any way I can.

Also I would like to mention that anyone interested in joining the L.A.S.C. or just wanting more information about the organization is welcome to call me at the above number and I will be glad to answer any questions and/or forward a membership application.

PLEASE NOTE: I would like to encourage new members to include with their completed application an attached page with infonnation about themselves. Our welcome column is the perfect place to "let yourself be known."


By Diana Black

Circle Monday, April 30th, on your calendars! We are planning an informal get-together at 7:30 p.m. at the Rudyard Kipling for all new members.

Several board members and committee chairpersons will be on hand to welcome you to the co-op and answer any questions you might have about the organization, the music business, copyrights, etc. Of course. any member of L.A.S.C. is welcome and encouraged to attend.

If you have any questions concerning this special meeting, please feel free to call me at (502)893-0693.

P.S. Wondering whether you qualify as a new member?

Hey, who cares! Come on down anyway!!


By Diana Black

L.A.S.C. would not exist long without the continued support of its members. Thanks to the following people for signing on for another year: Ronald Allgood, James Anderson, Gardner Barger, Philip Bingham, Hugh Bird Jr, Brenda Bowlin, Michael Campbell, Judy Johns, Rich Lober, Charles J. Puckett and Sammy Reid.