The Reel News

Music Man Studios Charlie Walls just got back from the Nashville Songwriters Association big event, but he still managed to cut demos for Gardner Barger, Kenneth Young, Kenny Perkins, Diana Black, Dorothy Primm, and Judy Johns.

Studio 2002 Rob Magallon brings news that New Horizon was in cutting three demos for Fearless Foursome Music, with Steve Cooley producing; the rap group Persuance, featuring Kevin Barry and Wan T., worked on a project; Charles Downey's rock band cut a four-song demo; Cicado Campbell did two tunes, one an R&B tune and one a Derby rap, Kevin Jones did the music; Take Six-type a cappella group Straight Company is working on a ten-song album and taking up every spare minute Magallon has.

Artist Recording Service Bob Hunter reports that Antman is cutting a demo; Mark Johnson, country songwriter from Fort Knox, is working on a demo; Tony Mangray finished up a soca/reggae album. Bob is otherwise staying busy with lots of commercials.

Falk Recording Service Gary Falk reports that the Bald Knob String Band is in cutting an album; John Kitchens, Gayle King and Gary Falk cut a soundtrack for Pegasus Rising's staging of "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof"; Mike Tunnell and Dick Crider did a special experimental piece; No Excuse mixed down tracks from the Standard Gravure fundraiser; Mickey Clark and Turley Richards did Mickey's tournament time tracks; Ceruti with Sherry Lyons Kelley, a string group at Bellarmine, was recorded on location; the Music Program at Graceland Baptist did an album; two cantors from Montreal, plus a full choir and a full orchestra, recorded A Celebration In Song at Adath Jeshurun Synagogue; Leon Middleton mixed tracks from the Standard Gravure fundraiser for the Monarchs; Susy Oldham and Ron Hayden did a six-song demo of Brazilian music; Courtney Culligan mixed down a session recorded at Another Place; the JCC Orchestra did an on-location recording of a concert at the Jewish Community Center, conducted by Reubin Sher; Peter McFlugh and Naomi Oliphant were in to cut a demo of classical material; Richard Burchard cut a synthesizer and narrative track for a commercial for Wallitsch Nursery; a live recording is scheduled for a cantata by Frank Heller at Harvey Browne Presbyterian; Gayle King and Gary Falk did a six-tune jazz demo with Bruce Morrow, Neal Burris and Roger Dane that aired on WFPL's Jazz Today program with Phil Bailey. Finally, Bob Durst did an album called Bob Durst Does the South.

Studio 8 Kerry Tolley, producer for Center Stage / Studio 8, reports that Terry Tyler shipped her two-song contemporary pop cassette to her distributor in Houston; Rick Hensley came in to cut a Christmas tune and a country ballad; Of Two Minds continues to work on a CD to be shopped to NY; New York screenwriter Tom Whitest assembled a movie track; rockers Dodge City cut an EP and, finally, Shauntique was in cutting an EP.

Real to Reel Jeff Carpenter reports that the Exploding Veils' cassette album is being mixed down; the Mrs. Frazier album is ready to go to Nashville for pressing; Tracy Hawkins, formerly of Lexington's Shakers, cut some demos; Murphy's Law is scheduled in; Murphy's Law drummer Steve Inman is coming in to do some solo tunes.