Meeting news

By Diana Black

Future Meetings

August 6 -- Demo-making Demonstration. Larry Standiford, Charlie Walls, and Gary "Doc" Dockery will be demonstrating how to make demos on a 4-track system. Bring a blank cassette and give it try!

August 20 -- Critique session. Please bring ten (10) lyric sheets along with your tape.

September 3 (Labor Day) -- Grab bag night. Bring a cassette (and lyric sheets) of the first song you ever wrote! What a great opportunity for each of us to see how we have improved and have some fun while we're at it.

September 17 -- Critique session.

July Membership Meetings;

Our monthly critique session was held during the July 2nd meeting. We heard tunes from former board member Larry Easton, new member Roscoe Bland, recent showcase performer Tim Lynch and Charlie Puckett, whose tape was hand delivered by Sammy Reid.

Based on the membership turnout and enthusiasm shown at the July 16th Open Forum, this meeting format will become an annual event. A questionnaire was mailed prior to the meeting to help stimulate thoughts and ideas.

Early into the meeting, Mike Layman raised an important issue: How do we find new ways to open the co-op to other forms of music besides country? Members expressed a fear that the co-op is perceived as only a country music organization. One immediate step was taken when the membership committee made a commitment to find for one of our meetings a guest speaker who is highly regarded in pop and/or rock. Suggestions are welcome and encouraged, and may be submitted to any board member.

With Song Competition '90 right around the corner, discussion was held concerning the contest judging. In answer to Lynn Riffle's question, it was explained why board members judge the first cut. To quote Prez Moffett, "It's by default." In other words, there is no one else to take that responsibility. Judges are ineligible to enter the contest therefore making it difficult to find members or outside individuals willing to listen to hundreds of tapes.

Another valid point made by Lynn was that she would like to see more guest speakers giving suggestions and guidelines on what to do after a song has been written -- "the pitching side of writing." The membership committee will be addressing that matter in the near future.

Finally, a lengthy discussion was held concerning the possibility of moving membership meetings to a more classroom-like atmosphere. At this time, the issue is undecided. The number of members returning the ballot on this issue was extremely low. More information will be needed before the board is able to resolve this issue.