By Diana Black

Welcome, New Members

Eight! Yes, count 'em; eight new members!

Donna Beck Michael, a native of Lexington, North Carolina, became our 305th member the latter part of June. Donna found out about our organization through Karen Le Van during last year's Great Smokies Song Chase. Donna performed on the November showcase last year in conjunction with our seminar and won First Place, Folk/Bluegrass category and also Third Place and Honorable Mention in the Pop category of our Songwriting Competition '89.

Writing and performing both as an amateur and professional, Donna has a very extensive musical background. Her talents have allowed her to win such honors as Fourth Place in vocal performance, professional category, in the Music City Song Festival, 1990. As educator she has received numerous professional awards including 1988-89 Davidson County Teacher of the Year and Lexington Jaycees Outstanding Young Educator.

Donna writes what she calls "folk-pop" and some light country songs and is interested in trying some collaboration.

I enjoyed talking and working with Donna recently in Nashville and look forward to seeing her at Billy Edd Wheeler's Song Chase #2, an event Donna is working on as a liaison.

Cindy Lee Allison, our 306th member, also comes to us from out of state. In talking with her, I found out she lives in the only part of Columbus, Ohio, I am the least bit familiar with.

Currently in a band called "Dapple Grey", Cindy performs as singer, guitarist and also plays some keyboard.

Yes, she is interested in collaboration; her music preference is country and pop.

Cindy noted on her application she is open to any suggestions concerning how she could help the co-op though distance is a definite drawback. She has past experience as an active member and treasurer of the Santa Barbara Songwriters' Guild.

I have had the pleasure of talking with Cindy on the phone and look forward to meeting her in the very near future!

Elizabeth (Liz) Shea is from Louisville. She joined the co-op the first part of July and received lucky member number 307. (Actually all our membership numbers are lucky.)

As a retired teacher, Elizabeth is writing poetry and would very much like to find someone interested in putting music to her lyrics. She has collaborated on various occasions though none of her work has been published to date. Her style of writing is religious, gospel and country.

We sure welcome Elizabeth to our organization. Our membership meetings are a great place to meet members that could possibly be interested in collaboration.

From lucky numbers to a man named Lucky! Ross "Lucky" Fulton joins us all the way from Brohman, Michigan. Coming in at member number 308, Lucky brings to the organization a variety of talents.

Currently Lucky is singing at both indoor and outdoor gospel concerts though he has played many years at fairs and Elks Clubs. He started a Gospel Jamboree over ten years ago.

Lucky has also written and recorded a Christmas single that got air play in forty-one states on small stations. He said he has received "lots and lots" of response and letters.

Unsure whether he wants to collaborate, Lucky writes country, gospel, rock, R&B and pop.

Though a lot of miles separate us, we look forward to someday meeting Lucky and/or hearing that Christmas tune!

Phillip Peters, co-op member 309, doesn't live quite so far away. He's from Jeffersonville, Indiana, and also plays church organ at the Sellersburg United Methodist Church.

With a musical background in pipe and electronic organ and piano, Phillip has at various times been a choir director, bass section leader and accompanist for many vocal recitals.

Phillip is currently writing easy-listening with a collaborator and both often do programs using their original material.

I would like to encourage Phillip to get in touch with our showcase committee and set up an audition!

Louisvillian Craig Panther is our 310th member.

Craig plays piano and is interested in pop, rock, country, theatrical and as much crossover music as possible. Collaboration is an area he is very willing to pursue.

I am sorry to say I have not had the opportunity to talk with Craig, but I do know he has comprehensive knowledge in advertising and is extremely interested in learning the production side of the business.

Our open stages and showcases are a great place to start, Craig.

Wayne Hundley, also from Louisville, is member number 311.

Affiliated with Triangle Talent, Wayne has played with several local groups. The last seventeen years he has played with the group "The Fanatics."

Skilled in studio engineering and sound mixing, keyboards and bass, Wayne has offered to help the co-op with production and performing.

Wayne loves and writes all styles of music and would also consider collaborating on a project.

The co-op will surely put Wayne's talents to good use.

Last, but by no means least, Michael Johnathon from Lexington, Kentucky, is our 312th member.

Creator of and the voice for the past six years behind "The Troubadour Project", Michael has long been in the music business. He produced his first album while still in high school in New York. From there he went to Texas, but a weekend visit to Whitesburg, Kentucky, "turned into a three-year journey through the beautiful and inspiring Appalachian Mountains."

Michael's awareness of important issues awakened and brought him to write and perform for the benefit of such causes as the homeless, save the earth, and teenage suicide, to mention a few. His concerns have brought new concepts such as "The Dream," a project he has created sponsored by Pepsi, that involves global satellite recording, a music video and a television special.

He currently has several music videos, perhaps the most familiar being Caney Creek, a CD titled "Troubadour" and a tape to be out sometime in the near future.

Skilled at obtaining corporate sponsorship, Michael has offered to possibly help the co-op hold fund raisers. The co-op looks forward to and welcomes Michael's involvement.

As new members, you may have questions concerning the organization or the music industry in general; please feel free to call me at (502) 893-0693 and I will be happy to help in any way I can.

Anyone interesting in joining the L.A.S.C. or just wanting more information about the organization is welcome to call me at the above number and I will be glad to answer any questions and/or forward a membership application.

PLEASE NOTE: Again, I would like to encourage new members to include with their completed application an attached page with information about themselves. Our welcome column is the perfect place to "let yourself be known."