NRBQ at Waterfront Park July 7

By William Brents

Waterfront Park was the site and "Project BridgeLight" was the reason that NRBQ once again graced Louisville with their colorful presence and fiery brand of rhythm and blues.

It didn't take the band very long before they had the already enthusiastic crowd singing and dancing to their undeniable mix of rock, rhythm and blues, country and just about every other style of popular music.

Louisvillian Terry Adams demonstrated his playful and reckless style by constantly roaming about the stage and literally banging the keyboards with his entire body. Guitarist Al Anderson provided his roaring vocals on their version of Hank Williams Sr.'s "Tear in My Beer," and he was even more amazing laying down strutting rhythms on "Me and the Boys," "Going to A Party" and my favorite "White Lightnin'." They also played several new songs off their last album Wild Weekend, including "The One and Only" and "It's A Wild Weekend."

I was really taken with the sheer enjoyment that the band was getting by performing. Bassist Joey Spampinato always carried a smile to go along with his absorbing ability to keep a groove going. Drummer Tom Ardolino made many people laugh when he came down from his drums to sing a lighthearted tune with an identical looking doll in his hands.

And what can you say about a band that can get several senior citizens (who happened to be standing in front of me) dancing around like they were a couple of vibrant teenagers again.

Let's get back to Terry Adams for a moment. I noticed on several occasions he walked to the edge of the stage and appeared to be searching for anyone not having a good time. It's safe to say that his search came up empty.

NRBQ proved to me that all the good things that I've heard over the years from dedicated fans or by articles I've read over the years are very true.