Shipps Attend Peavey's 25th Anniversary

Ray and Ann Shipp, owners of the Music Warehouse, recently attended a week-long celebration of the Peavey Electronics Corporation's 25th anniversary in Meridian, Mississippi.

Peavey Corporation manufactures P.A. systems, electronic keyboards, and guitars, and is the world's largest manufacturer of amplifiers. Ray Shipp reports that a good time was had by all.

Hartley Peavey, owner and founder of Peavey Corporation, was honored by the governor and former governor of Mississippi, the mayor of Meridian, and other dignitaries at the dedication of Peavey City and Hartley Peavey Museums.

The week was filled with tours of the seventeen manufacturing facilities -- all but one of which is located in Meridian -- and numerous activities culminating with a concert by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Gary Morris, Kenny Loggins and Jeff Berlin.

Proceeds from the concert were donated to the Meridian Abused Children's Center.

Ray Shipp reports that the Peavey plants are on the cutting edge of technology with a good balance of hand work.

Ray and Ann Shipp said that they came home with a renewed feeling of pride in the made-in-USA products.