The L.A.S.C. Letter looks back at the AUGUST issue of ...


Tom Flood, Gene Adams, Wally Hill, Debi Knight, Paul Moffett, Marie Augustine and Hugh Hill performed at the Waterside show.

• August showcase performers announced: Roger Avery, Glenn Bryant, Bill Ede and Bobby Johnson.

Melissa Combs in the cast of "A Chorus Line" at Derby Dinner Playhouse.


Eddie Burch, Bill Ede, David Evans and Susan Tomes perform at the Kentucky Music Weekend.

Gardner Barger, Sammy Reid, Charlie Walls along with Tom Flood make trip to Nashville.

Janet Rae, Paulette Logsdon and Rocky Adcock spoke at the July 6 membership meeting.

• August showcase performers announced: John Dowell, Larry Easton, Dot Elpers, Ron Gambrell and Pete Ramsey.


• L.A.S.C. honorary member Alan Rhody received a favorable review of his single "She Dreams" in the Music Row and Cash Box magazines, and along with Jon Vezner was mentioned in People magazine in a review of Lorrie Morgan's album Leave the Light On.

Dallas Embry received a nice write-up in a Scene magazine article for his work with Uncle Pleasant's Wednesday-night Open Stage.

Bruce Rinehart's "Changing Mountain Tops" cut by Blevins Family and released on Heart & Soul Records; also his "There's a White Dove Flying Overhead" cut by Carl and Pearl Butler on Star Day.